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[RSS] Damage Meters: The Great Debate

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Posted 07 December 2011 - 06:00 PM

by Elearic

Are you an Elitist Jerk with no life, or a scrub noob with no skills? It seems that for many, that question can be answered by your opinion of damage meters.

Most of us that have played MMO’s for years can give countless examples of a damage meter being used by someone who, let’s just say, hasn’t reached max level with their social skills. They try to grab aggro from the tank, they post the meter every time they happen to be on top, and they attack your play style, gear and rotation. They want to kick you if THEY think your damage is too low. My personal favorites are the players that pad their dps stats by nuking every harmless critter in the instance, or using aoe’s and CD’s on trash mobs, just to get that boost for overall damage.

On the other side, are the players who use damage meters as an analytical tool. They want to see which rotation works best, who is using interrupts, overall activity level, who was hitting the right target, and a variety of other useful stats. They constantly monitor their own rotation and build, trying to squeeze every last bit of dps out of their character. They collect and analyze this data in order to fine tune both their own contributions as well as that of their teammates, with an eye toward progression. Many players will even privately whisper someone who is struggling and offer to help. Maybe they need one more piece of gear, a change to their rotation, or a slight respec.

What do you think? Are damage meters necessary tools used to fine tune your performance in your favorite hobby? Are they a tool that allows players to conquer more challenging raids because they help players maximize their characters potential? Are they simply a means to force people into cookie cutter builds and rotations that eliminate personal choice? Do they promote elitism while providing no overall benefit to you gaming experience?

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Posted 07 December 2011 - 07:40 PM

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