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CD rollcall (Dec '11 to Sept '13)

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Posted 22 September 2013 - 05:23 PM

Back in the dim and distant past, when CD started playing swtor... there was...


Orange, Wodawick, Sheraa, Centza, Tanyc, Sith'ius, Caldazar, Ndaar, Trevelyan, Azrel, Cyanie, Rif-raf, Pitagora, Deluan, Noctem, Swedeneo, Headshotss, Kazzrak, Stoken, Teokin, Xaero, Neqqu, Xeborg, Korbitz, Elrak, Fyrestarter, Handaar, Wiktor, Cederic, Flexi, Skarrad, Angam, Bakaris, Dosi, Hellas, Lykker, Bombaye, Sulfiden, Ozzua, Doopsy, Missophie, Targozha, Lykken, Tunus, Helkar, Logi, Meliza, Fader, Samsalabim, Intrique, Tieppo, Magnifico, Majenta, Fyrestarter, Moost, Petan and Rajst.


Around 25 people made it to level 50. Although most didn't stick around to 1.3 (Jul '12).


But then we had a merger with <Scum and Villainy>, plus a few others....


Jasko, Calio, Jodan, Synalon, Dravid, Vectura, Rayner, Hai'li, Tsune, Tyranasrex, Drusala and Drastic.


Some stuck around longer than others, but each in turn stopped playing eventually. Though as each left, more joined...


Ninrilith, Yumamma, Jidha, Yuliah, Mizara, Ward, Hanah, Adusan and Citani.


Again, history repeats, some stay... some play even to this day, but others go... and so we approach another guild <Frozen Hell> and merge with them...


Thylur, Dezire, Jupken, Usefulidiot, Shikaarii, Damick, Sarlana, Oyvarx


Unfortunately, some of the <FH> crowd don't actually start playing again and so we continue our push to bring people in....


Zulou, Ravvik, Yoink, Rile, Esmenet, Georteth, Caladen, Kaido, Serbito, Wabtoo, Lyyr, Akairi, Mythicwarrior, Jartan, Stryker, Maluvius, Roguemarauder and Victun.


.... and here we are today, 104 people later.

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