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2.3, Bounty Contracts Event and 2.4

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Posted 17 July 2013 - 10:16 AM

The original post is here : http://www.swtor.com...457#post6555457

I've trimmed out the marketing blah, blah.

Hello everyone!

Here is an update on the Summer of SWTOR

July 23rd is a return of the Relics of the Gree Event for two weeks:

[...] the event will scale up to level 55 (including better loot rewards)
[...] including a new vehicle

(around) August 6th is Game Update 2.3:

[...] two new level 55 Flashpoints : Czerka Corporate Labs, and Czerka Core Meltdown.
[...] In addition to two Flashpoints there are new daily missions
[...] The new Flashpoints are available in both story mode and hard mode.
[...] The story modes for the Flashpoints are role-neutral, which means Group Finder will match you with the first three players it finds.
[...] Hard mode will of course require a fully balanced group
[...] in 2.3 we are introducing the new Companion Character Treek, who also happens to be an Ewok.

(around) August 13th is our next new event: Bounty Contract Week!

[...] Bounty Contract Week provides new missions with full voice-over that will take you on a hunt for high-value bounty targets across the galaxy.
[...] Each bounty contract scales to your level, from 15 to 55.
[...] Once you’ve completed enough contracts, you can do the more dangerous Kingpins missions
[...] Bounty Contract Week is a monthly event.

(around) October 1st should be Game Update 2.4:

[...] The Planet Oricon, a short story Dread Masters arc that leads into....
[...] New Operation: Dread Fortress
[...] New Operation: Dread Palace
[...] and a couple of new 4v4 Warzone Arenas

There will be more small things in 2.4 than just this, but until they are finalised - Bioware won't be announcing them.

Later on in the same thread, Eric Musco went on to address some concerns....


Hey guys,

I am getting that some of you are frustrated that [...]
we said 2.4 was going to be a PvP patch and you're now seeing there's also some PvE raids in there too. Stop whining and just be glad there's more content. More PvE stuff doesn't mean less PvP stuff, it just means more PvE stuff.

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I actually laughed out loud.