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Population Tracking for last couple of months

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Posted 14 November 2012 - 02:19 AM

I've been watching the population on The Red Eclipse since we migrated there.

I thought I'd just paste the various trend pictures together to hint at where things are** right now.
** torstatus.com is limited to analysing by population ranges and tracking the times when populations transition from one range to another.
(We may not know how busy "heavy" is - but it does follow that 3 hours at heavy is more people than just 2 hours at heavy).

(click image for full sized image)

My summary (based on the "heavy" tracking (i.e. peak concurrent users)...

Weekends are busier than weekdays. Well duh.
There were 2 patches in there that were 8+ hours when the server was down.
Everything calmed down after the first weekend. It looked like a dip in concurrent users.
The next 6 weeks were pretty static. Saturday's numbers stayed roughly the same. Same for every other day. It was twitching downwards, but not by much.
This week has seen more people playing midweek.
This weekend saw a lot more people playing (or maybe the same number of people playing longer).

Even though F2P hasn't launched yet... it does seem people are reactivating their accounts so they get the F2P bonuses.
(backed up by the number of people in /general chat saying they're returning to the game).

So it DOES look like people are being attracted back... to some extent.
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