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Recruitment Status : Closed

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Posted 06 December 2011 - 04:21 PM

Continental Drift is no longer an active guild.


**** CD has closed down. ****


It it with great regret that after nearly 2 years in SWTOR, we've decided that the guild is no longer sustainable.

Some members will continue with other guilds, some will have quit the game completely.



Who were Continental Drift?

Continental Drift is a family based guild that has been around in one form or another for over 10 years now. We had a strong history in Everquest, World of Warcraft and Lord of the Rings. We pride ourselves on our good nature and reputation in every game we play, as well as our successful progression in endgame content.

We were primarily a PvE endgame raiding team.

It was our intention to have fun raiding and progress as far as we can with the raid team we had. We had a varied mix of people and skills and an attitude that says that's okay. If you were looking for server firsts, then we may not have been for you. We aimed to do exceptionally well, but never at the cost of having fun. We are okay if we've not cleared every bit of content by the next new content patch - as long as we have fun doing the stuff we have cleared.

We had a mix of social and progression oriented raiders and we tried to set some time aside each week for both. What that meant was that we might do "old" content to get gear for someone who doesn't raid frequently. Progression was important to us, but so are ALL our members, so we looked for people who don't regard helping out less skilled/geared members as beneath them. Whilst running a guild where everyone had roughly the same level of gear and same level of skill / experience was infinitely easier - we did it our own way.

Our stance was that we're casual about people's availability, not their commitment.

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Terror From Beyond: Asation : 4/5 Hardmode

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Toborro's Courtyard : 1/1 Hardmode



Raid Schedule:

  • *** No more raiding for us ***

Current Recruitment Requirements:

  • **** Closed ****


We are still active as a guild within WoW, EQ and LotRO - come find us there.


Some ex-CD members can still be found in SWTOR.

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