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Application Template

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Posted 06 December 2011 - 04:21 PM

General info
Main Character Name :
Main Character Class :
Age :
Country :

Primary Role? (Tank, Healer, DPS) :

Joining as? (Raider, Social) :

If Raider, which of the following raid times are you able to attend? (Yes/No)
20:30 – 23:00 Tuesday :
20:30 – 23:00 Wednesday :
20:30 – 23:00 Friday:
20:30 – 23:00 Sunday :
20:30 – 23:00 Monday :


*Currently we don't raid Monday, but it's handy to know.

Times given are CET. For the UK, subtract 1 hour. For other regions, I'll leave that for you to work out.

Do you know any existing CD members in SW:TOR? (Yes/No) and if so, who? :

What was the name of your previous guild in SW:TOR, and why did you choose to leave :
(if you've been in multiple guilds within the last 3 months, please list all of them).

What is your raiding experience so far in SW:TOR? (stuff like 3/5 storymode, 5/5 hardmode, 1/4 nightmare or even "none") :
Eternity Vault (EV)? :
Karagga's Palace (KP)? :
Denova (EC)? :

Asation (TFB)? :

Darvannis (S&V)? :

Golden Fury (TC)? :

What previous MMO(s) have you played and what is the level of your experience?

What do you find is good about SW:TOR?

What do you find is bad about SW:TOR?

Why did you decide to pick Continental Drift to apply to?

Why did you decide to play the class/advanced class you do?

Tell us a little about yourself.

Have you read and understood the guild introduction and rules in the Recruitment Status post? (Yes/No) :

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