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[Accepted] : Application From The Best Damn Agent Healer On The Server ;)

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#1 Hai'li


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Posted 13 May 2012 - 10:03 PM

General info
Main Character Name: Hai'li
Main Character Class: IA
Age: 29
Country: UK

Joining as? (Raider, Social): Raider (as much as humanly possible)

If Raider, which of the following raid times are you able to attend? (Yes/No)
20:30 – 23:30 Wednesday: Y
20:30 – 23:30 Thursday: Y
20:30 – 23:30 Sunday: Y
20:30 – 23:30 Monday: Y

Please note, I work a shift rotation, so one week I will be available on all these nights, but then the next week, i may be entirely unavailable.

Times given are CET. For the UK, subtract 1 hour. For other regions, I'll leave that for you to work out.

Do you know any existing CD members in SW:TOR? (Yes/No) and if so, who?: Yes, Rayner.

What previous MMO(s) have you played and what is the level of your experience? : WoW, played vanilla, took a break and came back during ICC, then raided in a semi - hardcore guild (at one point during Dragon Soul we were the second highest ranking Alliance guild on the server, and for the entirity of Cataclysm we were never worse than 5th best alliance guild on the server.

What do you find is good about SW:TOR? : Immersive levelling experience (its like 8 Bioware RPG's in one package), raids are fun (though buggy) and the way Agents (and indeed BH) healers operate is a LOT more fun than a mana system :)

What do you find is bad about SW:TOR? : Endgame questing / dailies. I realise this is an almost necessary part of MMO's, but it is such a jarring disconnect from the levelling experience!

Why did you decide to pick Continental Drift to apply to? : I love to raid, but cannot commit to a serious raiding guild, so have been looking for a "new home" for a while, and after my friend Andy (Rayner) joined, he suggested I should come hang out with the guild, as I would fit in, after raiding with you guys, I'd have to agree, its a fun atmosphere, and I've had a good laugh (and got Phat Lewts): Exactly what i was looking for!!

Why did you decide to play the class/advanced class you do? : After tanking endgame content in WoW for almost 2 years (Prot Pally represent!) I felt that I wanted a change, and I've never gotten my head round the mindset of a DPS'er, so I was looking for a healer, after a bit of playing around, i realised I didnt enjoy sorc healing (too WoW-esque) so it was BH or IA, and since I wanted a Powertech tank, it had to be IA!!

Tell us a little about yourself. I'm an easy going guy who loves to play video games/read/watch movies, I work at an inbound call centre for Santander (so when you phone up your bank and are giving your 16 digit card number, when asked for your 8 digit account number, i'm the guy who wants to punch you in the throat!!). I live with my girlfriend Cath (soon to be a new applicant) and our cat Tali.

Have you read and understood the guild introduction and rules in the Recruitment Status post? (Yes/No): Yes

What is the Mystery Phrase ? : bugger, I've spent so much time writing this application out i've forgotten!!! err Jar Jar Dies?

#2 Wodawick


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Posted 14 May 2012 - 09:03 AM

Hai'li, thank you for your application.
We'll discuss it and if our members have any questions for you, the officers will post those questions here.

As we said last night, this will be a somewhat abbreviated application process, since you both raided with us already and you already know Rayner.
Oh, and remind Tsune to create an forums account :P

Meanwhile, if you have any questions or anything else you think we should know - please contact Orange, Darling or Caldazar in-game.
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I actually laughed out loud.

#3 Wodawick


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Posted 14 May 2012 - 06:37 PM

Accepted for trial.
Please whisper Orange, Darling or Caldazar for an invite.

When you get chance, please go read our Introduction, Rules and Announcements forum for things like voice comms details and how to set up access to the raid planner.

And welcome to CD.
Darth Baras: I do not appreciate your doubt. I expect unwavering respect at all times.
I actually laughed out loud.